Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"i'm a toolbag"

This is a breakdown of a comment from phillip which I did not approve. Instead, I'm making him famous by giving him a seperate post on the k-blogg! Enjoi

dude your a toolbag
Really? Is this how I'm being approached? Really?
This made me "PMP"

you didnt even see it happen!
Neither did the officials!

Tyler almost took himself and gene down.
So, did you see it?

why would you make such a big deal about something that you didnt even see happen??
You must be new around here... Was it really "such a big deal?"

tyler didnt make it into a big deal, gener didnt make it into a big deal, he simple told the refs which was what he should have done.
I'm not a big fan of ratting people out over some nonsense
Not a fan of Rats or Weasels, or Boy Models for that matter

What gives you the right to place yourself into something that in nooooo wayy even remotly involves you.
What gives me the right? Don't you know who I am, and where I'm from? Don't you see where you are? You're on the freakin K-blogg son! You just a squirrel lookin for a nut! Did I invite you or anyone else to come here? I'm glad you and everyone else is here, but understand that this is my world and I run the show here!
You don't see me blowin up your Facebook do you?

why would you even make comments about gene rollin keith down, your not on our team, it doesnt concern you..
It's just an observation guy! And BTW, I have always turned down invites to any team that gene is a part of... Do you take steroids? Cuz I'm feelin a lot of rage going on here.
And when you get back to school, find a tutor or somethin to help you out with your writing skills or lack there of.


  • At 9:07 AM EDT , Blogger Gene Fowler said...

    Kevin you're going to far man!

    You know I love you but you need to stop!

    You should take this down before you make yourself or anyone else look more silly than you have!
    Do the right thing!


  • At 9:37 AM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Can anyone say "Cage Match"?

  • At 11:46 AM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    and yes i was right behind it when it happened

  • At 8:42 PM EDT , Blogger alice said...

    good work - stay with it

    if their pussy hurts that bad they can go home

  • At 8:57 PM EDT , Blogger Glover said...


  • At 7:28 PM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Kevin I must say that you have probably hit the man pretty deep in the heart. You did what you had to do as I am sure anyone else would have. However, the Pearl guys will stick together. Up here in the Banner Elk area of North Carolina though I find it to be quite funny. Thanks for the posts.



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