Saturday, September 06, 2008

Shenandoah Mountain 100

Almost a week late...
I must say I've been reading and viewing everyone elses blogs and photo galleries on the SM-100. I'm very impressed with how blogged this event is. But anyway, as most of you bloggers know, the more you wait, the harder it gets to post. I'm going with bloggers block!

We rolled up there early saturday morning and got there in the afternoon to tent city. Our usual spot was full so we were freakin out a bit. Found a nice spot near the pavillion. Good to be close to the food and beer, but you're also near the late night partying too. That's ok, the rain shut it down early saturday night, and sunday night, who cares?

This is my 4th go at the 100, and I really enjoy it more and more each time. I also try real hard to better my times with each attempt. I had a goal of under 11hrs this go, but fell short by clicking in at 11:07. Its all good because I know what I need to do; get a Pivot Mach Four MTB and work on the climbing. Everything else rocked, but some of the latter climbs after the big long one, I just couldn't do.

Despite being the only peeps from Tripower or anyone from the beach, we had a great time. Met a lot of new people as well as seeing some regulars. Having the girls volunteer aid station 2 really helped the event and made them feel more a part of the race.

I got to ride with Tom Gillespie for a lot of the first half of the race till he pulled away. We were rollin pretty good, but I felt the burn coming so I had to turn the heat down a notch.
I met a lot of people from the Arlington Contes who just loved our jerseys! I rode some with a guy who manages the shop who was suffering with his back on the big climb. He says I helped him up the climb, and I said no one would ever believe that!
I rode a lot with a lot of DCMTB/City Bikes peeps. We were rockin the roads and fire roads, that was a blast!
Mike Phillips and wife were there, she worked aid station#4. They let us borrow a pump for our air mattresses, our pump was brand new and needed like a 12 hr charge. Thx Guys!
Mike was riding well and passed me early, I saw him later on with a broken chain that I guess he couldn't repair.
I met and rode with single speeder Ryan Delaney who was cool as hell and very encouraging

mountaintouring is where it all begins... Every year they step it up to make it better than the last. Can't believe this was the tenth!!! Some people have done them all. It was really nice that a cake was presented to Chris for the anniversary. Even nicer that he gave it up to the volunteers at their meeting.  Chris, see you at some cross races, and your crew on super bowl weekend!

Gwadz was there, and I have yet to meet him, but i'm a bigtime fan and loyal reader of his blog! He went the hell off with numerous posts on the sm-100! He even attempted to write a hundred thoughts about it but fell short at 60 and left it open for us to chime in to finish. In that 100 list is links to i think everyones blog and photo gallery. Good Job, and look fwd to meeting ya in person!

cyclingnews has the race report, various pics, and broken down results

Bob's Photo Gallery Got to meet Bob at the camp. Cool guy who takes cool shots and supports his son! Cool last name too...


Jonathan Bruck Photography


Camp Horvath!

Aid Station#2 Where the Horvath Ladies did work! The oranges were a must at every stop.
Ryan McKinney going back to his roots and hitting the dirt. His first crack at the 100 was most impressive! A well deserved pint glass free of charge for you my friend.
I got 4 of these bad boys now!!!!

We'll be back!!!


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