Monday, September 29, 2008

Pre- IronCross Ride

If you're doing ironcross and you never do one of these rides, well, it's just gonna hurt that much more. It's our best simulation and a great introduction to those who will be going for their first time, or even considering...
You can adjust your outputs in sections because we always regroup or you'll get very lost.
New Kent is a great area, and provides an awesome riding experience with its rolling hills, and lots of unpaved roads.
We would never ever manage without our tour guide/ride leader Danbo! Thanks again bro for putting together another 60 ish mile 3 1/2 hour tour.
I've never seen so many flat tires!!! I was part of the few, the proud, the no flat crew!
The weather was whats often referred to and a fave of mine "mixed bag". With partly cloudy to sunny skies, very humid, mild winds then over to ominous clouds, rain, and thunder.
Thanks to Mike and Jerry for pushing me inside out, and beyond my limits every chance we had! And everyone else for joining in the fun.


  • At 9:59 AM EDT , Blogger Darren said...

    Hey could you send me a cue of your Pre Iron Cross route or send me to bikely/mapmyride address. I love dirt road rides so if I am ever down in the area I might check it out. ou98dtbiggs at gmail thanks


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