Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rainy Sunday Ride

We knew it was gonna rain, we knew it was gonna be chilly, we knew mountainbiking would way better than a windy rainy road ride at the beach. I woke up with ample time to make coffee, and breakfast, setup my yahoo fantasy basketball lineups, and pack a big ol bag of clothes for riding... As i headed out to the car, I realized it was raining. Dinsey had been emailing me to see if it was a go. I called Liz, and she said GO! Marco was already on the road, and I knew Jerry was in no questions asked. I emailed our favorite forcaster and he actually gave an accurate forcast... I'm good so long as we start dry. After the photo sessions (when you have bloggers on a ride, photos will be taken) were done, we split up by gender and hit some trail.Marco, Jerry, ChrisD, and myself were led by Todd who knows this trail system very well. He kept a really nice pace that kept me working really hard, and the others even harder. It says alot when someone can ride down to our level and have fun. Thanx Todd, we really enjoyed it!
The conditions started cloudy, and cool, and diminished rather quickly. We never noticed the wind, but couldn't help but notice the rain slowly soaking us, and making every turn out of control, and the numerous roots treacherous, and demanding.
There was a few wipeouts, but all in all, we rode well. And I'm so glad we made it. Riding the mtb is so much fun!
The girls seemed to have had a good time as well. Good to see Liz, Beneline, and crew! Let's do it again soon...

The boys seeking some refuge from the rain before heading back into the trail.

The rest of these pics are from Liz

Tomorrow Judy and I will be hitting the gym, and then the trails behind our house. Then it's the Hair of the Dog 5k run at Mt Trashmore New Years Day followed by Miles for Merideth Nicolls ride...


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