Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Off to Nationals

I'm busy packing tonight because tomorrow after work I'm being picked up and hauled to the airport and flying to Kansas City!
I will be taking my Slingshot and representing the 757 as best I can. Gonna see some friends, meet some new ones, check out the scene, and freeze my ass off! Wish me Luck...

In other news---Division 2 Club of the Year has just been announced. Tri-Power of Virginia Beach Virginia wins it again!
This makes me happy. I would like to congratulate, and thank most all of my team for being such a cool team and doing well in so many disciplines of cycling. I reckon I will stay on for another year...

photo---jb aka (brokefoot)

I'm wondering why no automotive companies are contacting me to offer me, and a group of my mates a vehicle for use in traveling to and from cycling events in 2008. I mean, I want to be Green, I want our environment to be clean. I want to promote this, and their product. I would like a Hybrid, or alternative fuel vehicle to carpool to races. You, the company get to label said vehicle however you want, you get to track the mileage and whereabouts we go via GPS. I dunno, I think I'm on to something here... Mike, handle it!
Holy Methane! We can make special Tri-Power kits with green flames, clean burning flames!
I can see it now, can you?

I wish that Bio-Diesel plant didn't get rejected here. I would have hit them so hard for sponsorship, it wouldn't even be funny!


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