Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pink Passion & Me

Stay tuned for Rob's Pink Passion Gallery and the hand off!


Imagine if you will pushing that beast up the hill with one hand...

Jimmy, I don't have time for you to get your camera ready. I'm too busy bringing sexy back!

Woops, took thatturn a LITTLE too tight!

The heckling...

Humble Pie...



  • At 12:29 PM EST , Blogger bce said...

    That skinsuit may have been slowing you down. Cutoffs are the key to a stellar cruiser cross race:


  • At 5:53 AM EST , Blogger Kevin said...

    I know, I totally thought of you and your cruiser cross race! This was a back up plan that I never intended to use... It was good for all.
    you need to email me the scoop on a cruiser category as i'd like to implement that in next years event!

  • At 7:44 AM EST , Blogger Todd Helmick said...

    That was sick!!!Now I wish I would have went.Thats what riding is really about in my eyes!!!!!!!


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