Monday, November 19, 2007

Trashmore CX 07

Sorry it took so long to get this lil write up.
I'm just now winding down from another episode of Monday Velocity training. What a killer workout they are!
I hope you all enjoyed this years Trashmore Cross, iit seems as though you did. I know I did. Even though my race didn't turn out like I had hoped. When I crashed a week and a half ago, my right shifter/brake lever had turned all the way to the inside and all I did was push it back and carried on my way. I should have checked, adjusted, and tightened this issue but the pain in my shoulder and hip took priority and I simply forgot. And boy did I pay for that! During my 35+ race, where I was doing well, I hit a hole at the bottom of the big downhill and it pushed my brake lever very far down the handlebar which locked up my rear brakes bigtime. I left a 20ft skid mark into the gravel that was very deep. I had a major flashback of going over the bars again after hitting a hole with the front wheel. So as I watched the race go away from me, I saw Rob D with a mechanical as well. I think I may have written both of our destinys' by putting Sal's pink cruiser in the pit and telling Rob that he could use it if needed. So weird how that happened (sorry Rob) but what happened was just amazing. I simply ran to the pits, grabbed the pink passion, and proceded up the run-up and the crowd went WILD! I figured hey, my race is done, might as well have fun with it. I engaged the kickstand and got the crowd going and carried on with a big smile on my face. After one lap, Rob was waiting for his turn on the pink passion. He said " hey Kev, can I get a turn?" I said "heck yeah"! So we traded pulls each lap. What a hit that was. Everybody was going crazy over it. I think we may have to try to include a relay race next year. I swear it was hard as hell, but you go all out for one lap and you rest a lap. I have raced with Rob for over a decade and I must say this is the loosest I've ever seen him, and I loved it. This is what Cross is all about, it's just whatever, anything goes. The officials were trying to tells us that we were done and we should get oof the course but we were'nt having it.
Oh, and Keith was a good sport. Many pictures depict us heckling him, and yes we were. But we go way back with Keith and we can go there, you can't! Just wanted to put that out there...

It was a good race, a lot of work went into it. A bunch of us were there at 6am putting it together, and working it all day. Mike and I shared the microphone all day, and I hope that went well. I have never done that before, and it's very hard. Thanks Silly for helping me call out the names.

Thanks to Liz for giving me the coveted #757 to pin on my suit.

Rob and I actually racing. The job of the day, grab hold of, and stay on Ed's wheel!

Rob and Fam

Me and Fam

Crazy Mic

The Kids race was stellar!


  • At 7:42 PM EST , Blogger Joshua said...

    Funny stuff Kev. I'm glad I was around to watch the pink cruiser race.


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