Saturday, December 29, 2007

sliding into home plate!

It happened again...
Just when I thought the curse on kevin in 07 had been lifted.
Finishing up the 3rd loop (2cnd for me) I bunny hopped the median into the rear of Starbucks, and carved an aggresive line towards the sidewalk curb when my specialized "all condition tires decided to give out, and off i went sliding on my left side for like 15 feet! All in front of everyone. I'm pretty dissapointed in the tyres... But I ill say that it was wet, and that parking lot is very slick.

It was quite the spectacle for all to see! And many were looking for their camera's to no avail. You see, whilst sliding, I put my hands down and found some footing, and ended the slide on my feet. I grabbed my dd-x and saw that she was good to go, mounted, and rode a few pedal strokes to coffee, cheers and jeers. It's all good, I didn't get hurt, but do have a nice raspberry on the hip just below a fresh scar.

It was a good ride with some good peeps. We got to see Danbo today! That was a treat! He took a few shots and threw them on his Blog...
Hopefully it won't rain so the real men and women can go mounainbiking!

This photo is from Danbo


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