Tuesday, December 18, 2007

KCCX Nationals 2007

Checkout race.cx for the knockout blow!
Brian, when you coming to visit?

The course was very different everyday
Friday it was icy but more muddy
The bikes were looking pretty bad.
Saturday everything froze.
All of the muddy ruts were frozen solid then blanketed with a couple inches of snow
And it was still coming down through the afternoon
Sunday was better with actual lines to ride and a thawing of sorts.
After looking at the course and watching some races, I realized that I'd need something better than my sneakers. So where do you think we went? Yup-------ยป WalMart! I got some lovely camo winter boots for 26 bucks. They were perfect. And yes, I left them in Kansas. Someone at Avis is probably sporting them right now.

We raced Saturday afternoon in near white out conditions with a nasty 20mph wind to add to it.
I was shivering me timbers at the staging area getting ready to start.
A kind velo bella girl took my black and white Tripower jacket and said she'd have it at the finish but I got pulled after two laps. Hopefully we'll find a way to get my jacket back. I brought the unlucky one that has holes all over the back from a nasty wreck in October just in case it got left behind. You never know the power of blogs have done some amazing things.
The race was very dangerous with icy ruts pushing you all over the place. I went down a couple of times and for some reason both of my shins hit the pedals hard. I had blood running down my shin and collecting in my sock. Didn't even know till way after. It would have been fun to play ride with your friends but to race in those conditions, na na! So getting pulled probably saved me from bodily harm to look on the bright side.
I was starting dial things in and better my position through the largest field of the day.
And from what I hear, Mark Mcormack crashed into a lapped rider while getting ready for a sprint finish. I'd hate to be that guy. Speaking of that guy. How would you like to be the guy who slides off course into the other side of the course hitting Ryan Trebon and literally knocking him unconscious and out of the race. That sucked. He looked really bad.

My setup was the dd-x which is very light, stiff, yet subtle when needed.
Ksyrium sl tubulars with tufo tires glued on em. The psi was tricky, I went very low probably 28 which gave me lots of traction and a whole lot of much needed cush.
I use Specialized carbon bars and seatpost for more lightness and quality feel.
It all worked well except my shoes and pedals filled up with ice and snow but then again, I don't know how to get around that.
Hand and toe warmers worked well. And plastic bags in the shoes helped to keep things dry.

Saturday night we went to a little perty at Sunflower Outdoor ----- a really cool bike shop and more. Dan the owner was super nice and welcomed us and gave us a quick rundown on the local bike scene and the lines they carry. This shop really seems to be doing it right. They had two kegs and some hot cider for refreshments. The place filled quickly with cyclists from all over the place. We met Ned there, and that was great.

Watching the pro races Sunday was awesome!
Katie Compton won her fourth cx champs in a row. Rachel Loyd came outta nowhere to take 2cnd. We got to meet and hangout with her mechanic a bunch over the weekend and he says she's very new to cx. Watch out for that one. She's now a triple threat (mtb, road, cx). Georgia Gould took third. Mo Bruno Roy had a very good ride. And all the rest of the girls were looking so good going fast and gettin dirty! WooT! I was getting dizzy trying to count all of the velo bella girls. I love those kits.
The mens race was action packed the whole time. Page looked good out in front being chased by Tim Johnson who had the eye of the tiger and Todd Wells not too far behind. TJ caught Page and they traded blows until Page slid out and got the bike caught up in course tape. Fortunately he wasn't far from the pits so he ran and got a fresh bike and put on a feverish chase to no avail. It was TJ's day! He was awesome and very deserving of the jersey. The Wells bros got third and fifth.
We went to the after party at D&B's which is just like Jillians here in norfolk. Bar, restaurant, arcade. The place slowly filled with CX'rs coming in wave after wave of who's who in cross. We hung out with Buckles and Stu from Richmond, played games, ate, drank a lot of beer and had good times with a lot of stars of our sport just cutting loose!
We asked TJ where the after party was gonna be and our lovely waitress said downstairs at Saddle Ridge . A big ol western bar with a mechanical bull. Oh yea we were all primed and ready to go. Everybody took turns on it and it was so funny. I did it three times and got a nice blister on my finger from it. We all partyed like rock stars and it even got coyote ugly up in there. The girls were dancing on the bar!
We were let in on something a lot of us normal people don't get to see. It was underground, and I will keep it there and not uncover the anonymity of the people I look up to cuttin loose as they should be able to do.
We got back to the hotel after 2am and passed the hell out.
That I think made up for the sucky race Saturday.

Thanx to all the well wishers
Mi Familia
Tripower for helping us get out there
Slingshot bikes for an awesome cx bike (the dd-x)!
Bill G for letting me use the bike box

Sunflower Outdoor & Bike

Stu rockin the Bull bandit style!

Looking upon the venue from parking afar

no exageration, it was cold, windy, and snowing!

Our only refuge was the inside of our mini van rental...

Hard to imagine I didn't feel this. Take a look at the coagulation on and in the sock, frozen blood!

how does stuff even work in this???

These two gems are from Sean Yeager who had a stellar 2 races! He and Matt Marchal were two friendly faces to run into everyday. 804 represent!

I emailed this one to my team titled EPIC. Little did I know just how true that title would play out through the day.

I snached this one from cyclingnews.com. It's the start of my race, and it really captures the elements.

And last but not least, Mike and I rockin the Bull !

Thanx Sally for the pics. It was good seeing you in Kansas too...


  • At 4:40 PM EST , Blogger chris d said...

    w00t! Sounds like a blast - an Arctic one.

    Next year, I'm IN.

  • At 9:35 PM EST , Blogger Rob said...

    I don't know about that weather, but I'd love to have been there!

  • At 8:44 AM EST , Blogger SHAWN BUDDENHAGEN said...

    How are they going to pull the dog? I smell a C O N spricacy.
    Good job in some really harsh conditions.

  • At 2:56 PM EST , Blogger kimmy said...

    phew...I hate to say it, but thank god that's over (the race...not the mechanical bull).
    Hopefully I made someone's day (housekeeping staff perhaps?) leaving behind a gently used pair of children's (hey, they fit & they were sassy)bubblegum pink snow boots. I was in the same footwear predicament (Danskos, not ideal for frozen tundra)& hit up Target upon arrival in KC.
    Well done, kickass race report...now go enjoy the holidays!

  • At 6:13 PM EST , Blogger Velo Bella said...

    woohoo fun!

    Rachel Lloyd's been racing cross for years...at least 10. She was on the 2004 Worlds team too. She just recently came out of "retirement" which has been great!

  • At 6:37 PM EST , Blogger Kevin said...

    Great indeed...

    my bad

  • At 10:26 PM EST , Blogger Liz Schleeper said...

    Great photos and it all sounds like a blast. I did not know about Trebon crashing. It's always about tape coming down. The sport needs a new material for boundaries!


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