Thursday, January 04, 2007


My Boy Crazy went down hard tonight! It was during the biggest sprint of the night. I was in my biggest gear, in the drops, just tryin to bend my bike, when all of the sudden you hear that sound, followed by the scramble of your peeps trying not to hurt your peeps. Bill and Josh were wrapping around Crazy on his right and left when Crazy somehow just went down hard right in the middle of everything. I was on Tim's wheel , and he un-knowingly gave me some gutter to navigate thru to survive un scathed! It was baaaad! We picked up Crazy's bike and there was blood on the bike and th ground where he lay. We quickly called 911 and waited for their assistance while we did our best to comfort him with our lights and camera flash. I figured he'd want to see what he looked like , and I had a camera so...
Hope you're doin alright Mikey!!! Thanx to all for helpin out...
I poured m "Sunny D" on the ground for my homie ( and to make room for the Sierra Nevada)!

His email is xcmeh@cox.net


  • At 5:59 AM EST , Blogger Marco said...


    Hope everything is okay and nothings broken.

  • At 9:51 AM EST , Blogger Todd Helmick said...

    Ouch,Hope the crazy Cat2 returnz soon!watch the sprints in january young skywalker!!!!

  • At 2:55 PM EST , Blogger Andy said...

    that's no fun. hope he heals up quick.

    displayed good attiude while loading him into the meat wagon!


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