Friday, August 03, 2007

We have gone so high tech!

We reserved our beloved Hostel for Ironcross # 5 and put it up on bikereg for you all to commit and pay! It's just like signing up for the race. Theres some helpful hints on there as well Our Hostel Registration
We will be watching Hostel part two Saturday night ; )
  • Liz
  • for setting that up, and doing it so quickly! While you's guys were out there droppin hammers, and I forgot my shoes, Liz, J-Flo, and I ironed out the cross!

    I have initiated another blog! This one is dedicated to ironcross and us heading up there from the 757! It will be a leadup, and followup. This year we should have good internet with Marco's new BlackBerry doubling up as a modem!
    757 goes to Ironcross #5!

    And if you need to sign up for the actual race, here's the link for that
    IroncrossV registration

    Have a nice day!

    And watch the OJ video! Below


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