Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mike V at the Dismal Dash

Both Gilbert and Mike are sporting these bad boys, and both made it out to the Dismal Dash today. Mike rigged his up with some profile aero bars... Pretty sweet! Happy recovering to ya'll. We should probably have races for these things.

There were some pretty fast and impressive times out there today!
It always amazes me the amount of folks who show up in mid March with this sweet form.
I'm happy with the Team results, you can tell that they're ready to defend the title once again.
Glad to see Kalerunning out there with their timing chips and almost instant results!
Thanks to Chesapeake Cycling Club and everyone else who played a part in making the Dismal Dash happen another year to officially kick off the road racing season!
Results can be found at kalerunning.com
And a special thanx to BJ and Gracen for the wonderful assortments of individual cakes for my birthday celebration week! Officially the day is the 20th. I'll be a young, funky, spunky 36!
A bunch of us had a good ol time at Baron's Pub post race.
See ya'll at the Jeff Cup...


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