Friday, March 16, 2007

whats Up!

Well this week sure has flown by...
Its Friday afternoon and I feel like I haven't blogged in like forever. I don't know who's hurting more from that---you or me!
Tues night was secret TT training with closing ceremonies. Closing meaning its probably time to get outside. Plus our location will no longer be avail. The first big test of the season comes this Sunday in the form of a Dismal Dash TT in Suffolk Va! I'm looking forward to having our friends at kalerunning take care of our times with their all too familiar chips! I know that I will beat my previous times, the question is by how much. I have been coming along really well in the TT aspect of cycling and I just want respectable times. Its a very long and windy course and unfortunately, the warm weather will be going somewhere else this weekend.
Wed was a busy day at work followed by picking up Judy's desk that will house her very own computer in her room. Of course I have to assemble it. So far I've put the chair together (woohoo). Of course I'll show you a pic or two. I dropped all that off and went to the doc in a box. My lower lip had been progressively swelling and getting more and more painful throughout the day. It gave me a really bad headache and blurred my vision. By the time I got to the Dr, it was the size of a golf ball ! They deemed it a bacterial infection cellutitis absess. We drained it (yuk) and gave me a heavy and aggressive anti-body and some pain killers for good measure. After a bunch more draining its finally down to normal. That night the in-laws came into town to stay with us till Sunday. Today is grandparents day at Judys school so they come up for that.
Stayed up really lat watching what I knew would be the NBA game of the year or more! Suns at Mavs. Suns win in double overtime. I believe Nash has punched his ticket for his 3rd MVP title even though he humbly says that Dirk should get it. On another basketball note, I think Kobe Bryants elbow is a racist!
Didn't watch LOST but recorded it.
Thur didn't feel like riding, but knew I should. Skipped the intense SR intervals and went to All About Bikes for their night ride. Just 4 of us out there. Bill was wearing my ass out even though he says he was just spinning. Ran into SR out there as they were just finishing up. When I rode from the house it was 83 degrees, and on the way back I had a wicked headwind at 55degrees! Ouch. Had to borrow a jacket from Bill (thanx).
Oh, and my new Berry came in the mail Thursday so I stayed up really late setting that bad boy up! Turns out mine was still under warranty. It never hurts to call the hurt line and ask them whats up.
Well-thats where I've been. Where you been? See ya'll real soon. Break time is up, back to work!
OK it's now Friday night nearing midnight and i'm still up. Went to the Roper Center to see Aladin with the fam. It was done really well, you should check it out!
Good to see Mike M in the parking garage. What do we do when we see eachother? Thats right, whip out our new BlackBerry's! He's sporting the new white pearl.
Took care of the Norfolk Cycling Classic on Bikereg---should be good to go.
Can't wait to get out early and freeze my tushy off!


  • At 4:47 PM EDT , Anonymous chris d said...

    To heck with desk photos, I wanna see the lip.
    Glad you're better.

  • At 5:12 PM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Me too! I wanna see the fungus lip! Where you been puttin it???

  • At 10:29 PM EDT , Blogger Kevin said...

    You gets nun of that! I cherrish my luscious lips and was very concerned for their future!

  • At 9:22 PM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Come on dawg
    since you love takin the pictures soo much, and usually of yourself...we know you took some shots of dat fat lip. So you should blog that!

  • At 9:41 PM EDT , Blogger Kevin said...

    I truly didn't take any pics of the lip. I Love my lips and to see them in such a distorted way really scared me. And, I had the in-laws over so I wasn't myself. If i had them, I'd post em! Know this


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