Monday, February 26, 2007


Now, the question is "Why wasn't I at the Saturday morning ride"?
Normally, I'd say its too cold! But this time I have a good excuse.
I did race #3 in the Mud in your eye XC running series.
I really enjoyed this series, and hope it turns out to be good off-season training for cycling.
I finished 7th Saturday in my age group with a 35:30 for 5miles
For the series, that landed me in the #6 slot
KaleRunning did a stellar job, and I look forward to participating in more events that they put on!

I'm glad the Snowball crit has been rescheduled---my legs were tenderoni yesterday!
#2 becomes #1 now, and looks like I will miss both Snowballs now due to MTB races.
Can't do it all, but glad I can do what I love!

Also, glad I missed that ride Saturday morn! I probably would have waited till the afternoon, and rode with SR racing at a more reasonable time...


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