Sunday, February 25, 2007

Art Update

Went to check on Art today. The Horvaths', Crazy, Brenna, ran into Bill and Tim and we all had a nice little visit. J-Law joined in as well.
Art's got a bunch of cycling magazines with awesome pictures of crashes----great!
Brenna gave him a special batch of "Brenna Bars' with crazy toe jam...
J-Law brought him a Panera sandwich.
He's got a tube in his damaged lung that is catching fluid. When the fluid stops containing blood, he will be observed for 24hrs, and he can go home. Two broken ribs will take some time to mend. He is still in some pain here and there, and their trying to ease that with dosages of narcotics at the end of a button as soon as every 6 minutes.
He was in very good spirits, and encourages visitors!


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