Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nature's Path 07!

Nature's Path Pro-Am Cycling Team for 2007

The Nature's Path Pro-Am Cycling Team will continue as National Race Calendar underdogs for 2007. The small team has retained its four-man roster from 2006, with a new addition Peter Penzell coming from the Rite Aid Professional Cycling team.

Once again Nature's Path Foods has increased their financial backing of the team for 2007. A new partnership to the team has come from the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization of the Greater Richmond Virginia area.

"We have decided to partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters as a means to conduct youth outreach to promising kids not only in Richmond, but in reality, everywhere our traveling takes us for events," said the team's manager/athlete Craig Dodson. "We are looking to supply bicycles, helmets, and an academic scholarship to Big Brothers Big Sisters youth during our season long quest to educate kids about cycling and the positive lifestyle achievements that often spawn from the sport."

Since the team's athletes are compensated for their living, travel, and race expenses, as well as health insurance and food costs, racing and outreach efforts are full-time obligations.

More information about the team and it's fund raising efforts for Big Brothers Big Sisters can be found at www.naturespathcycling.com

Team Roster
Gerardo Castro
Craig Dodson
Peter Penzell
Ward Solar
Paul Ward

Oh, he's Committed!


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