Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentines Movie Picks

Whats Up Everybody!!!
I got a little something here for everyone...

First, the not so nice Romantic movies (help me out here)
True Romance (JB pick) and a Damn good one!
Natural Born Killers
Shaun of the Dead
Krull (Danbo pick)

Now, the long list of Romantic Movies
Falling in Love (Dinero/Streep)
Bridges of Madison County (my fave)

Say Anything
Last of the Mohicans (Crazy pick)
French Kiss (Brenna pick)
Serendipity(Brenna pick)
Up Close and Personal
When Harry met Sally (a Kevin & Sally fave)

Legends of the Fall
The Notebook
Before Sunrise
Jerry McGuire

Superman Returns

Chasing Amy
Princess Bride

Brokeback Mountain

Comment away with any suggestions or additions


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